Posted on Oct 6, 2019

Steven Fleckenstein / Kirbytown Computers

Today I worked on a HP 6500 All in One inkjet printer reporting paper jams.
The printer is a few years old but rarely used.
I opened up the printer and found the paper path was spotless, rollers showed no significant wear.
I did notice the ink cartridge carriage was stuck in the park/clean heads position. I pried a side cover off to find a small plastic gear that controls the cleaning process had broken and turned to shrapnel, jamming the ink carriage in one place.
This plastic gear probably cost less than a dollar to manufacture yet is not available from HP because it is a non customer serviceable part.
The only source for the gear was an online shop in mainland China that was selling the complete refurbished clutch drive assembly for $50.
End result the little used printer is going to the dump and will be replaced by a new printer that probably will cost about $60.

So now you understand why it doesn't pay to repair many home printers.
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